How to Mix and Match Colors

I hear all the time that girls are afraid to use colors in their wardrobes because they don`t know how to coordinate their outfits by color. Sometimes it can be difficult to know which colors you should wear with that green shirt or that blue skirt…
There is one more myth saying that you can use just 3 colors in the same look. Probably it came from men’s business wardrobe by mistake. Just forget it!
If you really like black, great! Just make your total black stylish! But if it’s just the easiest way to solve a problem, it’s time to change!
All colors can be matched together. You just need to know basics. There are two ways to coordinate colors:

 By color temperature 

Cool  + cool, warm + warm 
However, if you think that blue and green are cool, and red and yellow are warm, then you need to learn how to identify them. It’s not hard, just need practice.

By chroma and value 

Dark + Dark, Light + Light, Muted + Muted, Bright + Bright
You can create very attractive outfits using this method; however, it`s not universal approach and it`s not going to help you to make capsule wardrobe. But if you have a lot of clothing in your closet and you like to buy new all the time, it`s perfect for you!

             And the easiest way to add colors to your wardrobe is adding one color to your achromatic outfit. Achromatic colors (white, grey and black) have no hue, like “colors without colors”. They are universal and match with anything. This risk-free way could be used as a first step to your colorful wardrobe.

If you still think that it`s too complicated, just find someone professional who can help.

Enjoy colors! 💋

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