Select a Service That Fits Your Needs

Virtual Styling

A lot of my clients live miles away. Others have busy lives with no time for themselves or their style. It is not a problem at all!

 Personalized online style session includes

  • A Body Shape Profile – which will tell you what your shape is, and include top tips on which clothing styles flatter your figure
  • A mini color guide – how to mix colors
  • A shopping list – the basic items that you need to have in your wardrobe according to your preferences and your lifestyle
  • My styling tips – my secret tricks for always looking stylish and well put together
  • Online lookbook – outfit ideas according to your figure type and current trends

You send me: pictures of your clothing and accessories which you want to discuss (1 season Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer) – online closet, 1 portrait picture with no makeup on, have your hair neat and pushed back, 1 full-body picture in a snug, fitted clothes or swimsuit (preferred). Avoid accessories (no hats, glasses, excessive jewelry) and your story about you and your lifestyle.

I will work with your images and your information and we will schedule an online session 1-hour length to discuss our strategies.

You will no longer have the frustration that comes from pieces you don’t wear or those that don’t work with anything else you have. The end result is a closet filled with clothes that fit and flatter YOU, making getting dressed each morning, packing for a trip, or getting ready for a special occasion, easier than ever!

Wardrobe Detox (offline/online)

  • Up to 1-hour consultation
  • Pre-session questionnaire and chat so that I can understand more about who you are in order to make sure your clothes serve you
  • Assessment of your shape, coloring, and current lifestyle
  • Advice and consultation on what will suit you best – we’ll discuss colors, cuts, fabrics, styles, and sizes
  • Going through each item in your wardrobe to determine which items are working for you on every level, and which are not
  • Showing you how to create new outfits for the items you already have (including pictures if you like)
  • A Shopping List of items that will fill in the gaps of your current wardrobe
  • Personal lookbook with all recommendations
  • 1 month of ongoing support

A standard Wardrobe Detox Session will last 4-5 hours and costs $500. If you have a particularly large wardrobe, let me know. Additional hours can be booked from $50 per hour.

Personal Shopping (offline)

Make strategic clothing and accessory additions (up to 5 hours)

To make the best use of our time together, I will pre-pull the clothing and accessories that meet your needs, preferences, and budget. Upon arrival, you will review and try on those items selected especially for you. Throughout this session, you receive expert guidance about the items that best work for you and the best pair back to what you already own. The result? You purchase only those items that you truly love, can wear in multiple ways and with greater frequency.

$500 full package

Personal shopping (online)

  • I send you a lot of shopping links according to your shopping list.
  • You will send me pictures and short videos of your new clothing after you will receive your order and we discuss every item.

$450 full package 

Home delivery package

This package is the same as the Personal Shopping, except that I will bring my selection of clothes to your home. With this service, you will have the opportunity to try new outfits without leaving the comfort of your home. No exhausting shopping trips and many hours of trying on the wrong things. Shopping with me is a minimum of time and a maximum of pleasure. 

  • Consultation (up to 1 hour)
  • Color analysis to determine your best palette (finding the right colors for you, no color seasons)
  • Pre-shopping by me only
  • Up to 4 hours of fitting session with me

$ 650 full package 


You feel like your everyday style doesn’t reflect your personality or who you are.

  • Up to 1-hour consultation
  • Pre-session questionnaire and chat so that I can understand more about who you are in order to make sure your clothes serve you;
  • Assessment of your shape, coloring, and current lifestyle;
  • Closet Detox (one season);
  • Next, I will create your personal shopping list;
  • You will get a custom style-board with looks that are perfect for you;
  • Personal shopping online;
  • Then, I will make a personalized capsule consisting of all the key pieces to have a great style.

$650 full package

Seasonal Update (offline/online)

A new season is coming and you’re not sure what’s in or out? You want to stay on trend for the upcoming season.

  • A meeting followed by one custom style board curated with items for four categories (for example blazers, tops, bottoms, and shoes) or,  up to 10 complete looks, head to toe.

$300 full package

Ask me how to style – I will answer any shopping or styling questions 

Wondering if the outfit you put together works? Need to know what type of shoe best pairs with your pants? Want help deciding if you should put the item in question in your shopping cart? I will provide text, phone, or email support to answer any styling or shopping questions that arise. This service is perfect for existing clients who want on-going support or help between sessions. If you are a new client and want to get my opinion, please send me your full body picture with your questions.

$35 for one complete look 

VIP On-Call

Access your stylist for all of your outfit and purchase questions.

  • You’re getting dressed and have a quick question about your outfit;
  • Shopping links for something you need to buy;
  • Advice before making a purchase.

$450 per Months (up to 3 calls and 15 text-chats per Month) 

Photoshoot styling

  • Up to 1-hour consultation
  • Moodboard creation
  • Looks preparation (starting from 3)
  • 1-2 hours of photoshoot

$300 and up

A la carte (by the hour or project)

This option is available for new or existing clients who have specific demands that need to be addressed.  With this option, we can focus on individual needs like accessorizing, choosing an appropriate piece of clothing for an event, or doing bigger projects like travel packing.

Starting from  $ 250


  • Send your inquiry to get a quote

For photographers

  • Always interested in collaborations! Please, contact me with your ideas and I will share mine!

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