Back to the Past

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In this look, I feel like I borrowed all my clothing from my parents! Poor girl!  Mom jeans with pearls embellishments, statement plastic earrings from 80`s, checked blazer with padded shoulders, oversized sunglasses, dad sneakers from 90`s. But it`s such a nice feeling! I love that big “past come back”! I can pull off that all that clothing from my childhood without looking outdated! Perfect for creating exciting and eye-catching outfits! It is fun and a lot of warm memories!

The eighties and Nineties are walking down the street!

Fashion from the ’80s and 90`s are popular once again, but that doesn’t mean that you can just wear an outfit from 40 years ago and look great. You need to know which elements from that periods to bring back and how to balance it.
Big Shoulders

Choose between jackets, blazers, and coats with imposing shoulder silhouettes to try this trend. You can define your waist with a belt or by buttoning up to avoid appearing swamped in the fabric.

Bold Colors

Colors of the decade were bold and bright. To rock this trend today, you can add few pieces in shades such as cobalt, fuchsia, magenta, and work them into your regular wardrobe.


I remember my mom`s cobalt blue long sequined dress! It was like a magic for me! Later she made it shorter. The glamour and decadence of the ’80s have returned, but this time they’re toned down. While sequined dresses may have been worn for exciting evening looks back in the ’80s, today that can also make a unique and eye-catching daytime look. To nail this style, all you need to do is mix your sequined dress with casual pieces like sneakers, a T-shirt, and a loose overcoat.


Ruffles have become popular once again. Today, you can find ruffles on many items, including tops, jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, and even shoes and bags.


Jane Fonda was very popular in the 80`s! I remember like I was watching her morning aerobics show and was very impressed with that bodysuits, headbands, neon-bright leggings and bike shorts! And later in the 90`s, I had all these dream outfits. And here we go, we are wearing bike shorts again!

Baggy Jeans

Baggy becomes the new skinny. Take the fashion lookback to the 90s with this spring’s baggy jeans trend. You’ll be seeing baggy jeans everywhere this year.

Details and Embellishment

Jeans with pearls? Sure! Why not? I love mine! Denim fashion right now is full of references to the 90s, when embellished denim was a thing. Spring 2018 detailed denim trend done in chic style. Cropped boyfriend leg jeans are embellished with faux pearl details, for a super glamorous look.

Shopping links: 1. Ash Leather Sneakers, 2. Ash Leather Sneakers, 3. Calzedonia Jeans with Rips and Pearls, 4. Robert Rodriguez Sequin Wrap Dress, 5. MSGM Sequined Skirt, 6. Trussardi Sequined Blouse, 7. Vince Camuto One-Shoulder Ruffle Dress, 8. Ralph Lauren Stretch Shorts, 9. Zara Tweed Blazer, 10. Zara Check Jacket, 11. Style&Co Pearl Embellished Petite Jeans, 12. Chelsea28 Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress, 13. Toolally Mini Boatmen Earrings, 14. Free People Cropped Jeans, 15. PrettyLittleThing Floral Wrap Ruffle Dress. 

Bringing back, Socks and Sandals…




In a dark corner of our brain we all have an image of an old man working in a garden in black socks and brown sandals; definitely, he is not a fashion inspiration. We already spoke about tights and sandals.  There is one more similar controversial trend – socks and sandals! Like in track from “So Random” Disney Comedy Series:”Some haters say that look was never in…” (Can`t stop singing it!) When I started to look for pictures of “socks and sandals” fashion looks for this post, I bumped into a Wikipedia article about it. Look what it says:” Wearing socks and sandals together is a controversial fashion combination and social phenomenon that is discussed in various countries and cultures. In some places, it is considered a fashion faux pas.

The earliest evidence of wearing socks and sandals is documented at the archaeological site between Dishforth and Leeming in North Yorkshire, England. The discovery suggests that old Romans wore socks with sandals at least 2,000 years ago.

Starting in 2010…  several sources reported that socks and sandals had become a fashion trend in the United States and the United Kingdom, appearing in several runway shows, including those of Miu Miu (2010) and fashion designers Vivienne Tam and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (2014), and picked up by celebrities.” And I completely agree with Wikipedia that “Socks and sandals can be practical for weather transitioning unpredictably between warm and cold, and adding socks can also reduce the discomfort of breaking in new sandals.”

We can wear any socks with any shoes! The key to not looking ridiculous while pulling off the “socks combo” is to always keep your overall look in mind! If you don`t feel confident to wear Adidas sports socks with your new beautiful red Prada, you have a lot of options!

Try sheer, ladylike socks with a ladylike shoe: a mule, a block heel, or suede sandals. If you want to add a little something extra to make your look pop to you simple elegant dress, for example, pull out glitter ankle socks and feather-trimmed sandals.

Probably you know that feeling when it’s too cold outside to wear your favorite platforms, but your look is in dire need of them. Why not? You can pair them with sandals in the same color family or if you want more creative looks, use contrast colors. As I said before you can wear any socks with sandals! Problem solved! So, as we can see, wearing socks and sandals actually a fashion problem-solving hack, and your life is about to get much easier and more interesting now that you are an official participant in the trend.


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One and done! Jumpsuit


If you are a modern woman on the go and need one piece of clothing that looks fantastic, a jumpsuit is your choice! I’m a fan of jumpsuits! I’ve always like how fancy they look and how this one piece can make a complete outfit. It’s one and done! And what I especially like that jumpsuit is elongating since it’s one unbroken vertical line the eye moves up and down without interruption.

Jumpsuits are definitely a statement style! All-in-one garment creates an outfit that moves beyond a simple dress or pants and top combo into a more fashionable look. Like dresses, jumpsuits come in many styles. Finding a jumpsuit that fits your body perfectly is key to looking polished and put together. Before you start shopping for a jumpsuit consider your needs. Do you need a casual jumpsuit to wear during the day or something more formal for an evening look? Do you want long sleeves for cold weather or a strapless style for summertime? Let’s focus on the details! Styles that are fitted at the waist and looser on the legs tend to be the most flattering.  It will make you look more elegant and taller. Your waist is defined and with a wider leg, your waist will look even slimmer. If you are tall, wide-leg jumpsuits that finish just above the ground will be highly complementary. If you are a shorter version, go for a slimmer, cropped style instead to avoid looking overwhelmed by it or just wear heels to create the illusion that you`re super tall.  If you’re short and curvy, try a culottes’ leg that could work as an A-line dress. If you wear a jumpsuit that’s too tight, you might give off that catwomen vibe, and you might feel uncomfortable. If you wear a jumpsuit that is too loose, you will completely lose your figure, and the jumpsuit will overwhelm your body. And you have all chances to get rumors around you about your possible new addition to the family.

A jumpsuit can easily be dressed up for a formal event or down for a weekend getaway. Jumpsuits look even more appropriate in an office environment than a maxi dress and are much cooler to wear than regular suits.

Formal Occasions

When attending formal occasions, a dress is not the only option.  Jumpsuits can be just as beautiful and polished as a dress while offering a “wow” factor that will earn you some extra attention and nonstop compliments. Just choose a well-tailored style that flatters your figure, add some interesting accessories, and you’re ready to go.


Casual Occasions

If you want your weekend wardrobe to look more stylish, check a casual jumpsuit. Relaxed, loose fit, bright, super comfortable with elasticated or drawstring waist casual jumpsuit is the perfect item to get you out of your jeans and t-shirt routine.


Accessorizing a jumpsuit  

Jumpsuits, while being a statement style, can sometimes look a little plain without bold accessories. Accessories create a secondary focus point on your outfit, making your style go beyond that of just the jumpsuit. It creates an interesting detail that will draw the eyes of those around you. Pay attention to your shoes, jewelry, bag, and a belt.

By adding a belt to your jumpsuit, you’ll help define your waist in a highly flattering way. Even if the style is already fitted at the waist, a belt will help you appear slimmer. Some pieces have a cloth belt or you can easily add your belt to define your waist. It is a great way to add some femininity and give you that curvy look.

The additional height that you will receive from the heels will help lengthen your legs and make you look several inches taller and a little bit slimmer than you actually are combining with a color pole which a jumpsuit creates.




Accessories aren’t the only tool to help you adding stylish points to your jumpsuit outfit. Layering can also be used to help you feel more comfortable while looking great. The easiest way to layer a jumpsuit is with a jacket on top. Try a blazer for formal settings or a leather jacket for casual outings. One more option is to layer a shirt or top underneath your jumpsuit. Try a plain white T-shirt in summer and turtle-neck sweaters in winter. And if it happens that you need pants exactly the same color and fit as your jumpsuit, and you don`t have the right one in your closet, you can use your jumpsuit as a pants while wearing a sweater or sweatshirt on top of it. Be creative!


Now when you have new trendy rompers and jumpsuits in your closet, you, among many others, are probably wondering the most asked question in romper history, “How do you pee in rompers?” Honestly, I thought that “How do you go to the bathroom,” stopped being a question and became a running joke. However, I read it almost every day lately in ladies’ Facebook groups. Sorry, girls! I don`t feel your pain!


How do you pee? Oh, well, it’s really not that hard, but if you really struggle and have non-flexible shoulders, avoid rompers and jumpsuits with a full-length zipper in the back. Choose a romper style that either has a zipper on the side of the outfit or one that starts from your lower back or bellybutton. Stretchy fabrics that you can just slip up and down also help here. Alternately, if you are not alone, ask a friend for help.

Just because you’re choosing to dress like a toddler, doesn’t mean you must have the motor skills of one. Hold both ends of the one-piece and pinch it together like an accordion so it touches neither the ground nor the toilet hole. Or you can put a paper towel on the floor near the toilet bowl in case if you drop your staff. Unless you’re going to be extra, be extra careful! And yes, you’ll be naked when you do your business. Isn’t it weird? Not really! Just go naked and feel beautiful! Probably it takes a while to get dressed again, but take it like a little time for yourself in this hectic, crazy world. And like I told before about layering, if you wear a jumpsuit with underneath, you don’t have to go totally nude in the toilette!

Now we know how to wear a jumpsuit like a street style star! Let`s go shopping! I definitely need couple more pieces for summer! Click the shopping links provided!

Be stylish, Girls!

Shopping links: 1. Loft Striped Apron Jumpsuit, 2. Michael Kors Petite Jumpsuit, 3. Laundry Striped One-Shoulder, 4. City Chic Plys Size Belted Wide-Leg Jumpsuit, 5. Tommy Hilfiger Sleeveless Polka-Dot Jumpsuit, 6. Ralph Lauren Jersey Wide-Leg Jumpsuit, 7. Michael Kors Off-the-Shoulder Chambray, 8. Free People Open-Back, 9. Adrianna Papell One-Shoulder, 10. Jax Keyhole Wrap Jumpsuit, 11. Norma Kamali Drop-Shoulder,  12. Ted Baker Floral Jumpsuit, 13. Max Mara Floral Jumpsuit, 14. Guess Floral Jumpsuit.



Total Black



All-black outfits are number one go-to for many people. They’re easy to put together. Black is an achromatic color is one that lacks hues such as white and grey. They have lightness but no hue or saturation.



Black matches all colors and shades! Some of you just don`t like colors, some just don`t know how to deal with matching them together.

But if you’re worried about looking a little boring (or like you’re on your way to a funeral), you need to spice up your monochromatic looks. When it comes to making an all-black outfit interesting, accessories are your best friends!




Forget about that black is flattering all of us and little black dress is a must-have for every girl! If I did not sleep well, tired or sick, I would never wear black close to my face to look ten years older and not fresh at all. And if you really believe in a theory of LBD, let it has big décolleté to be that black color far from your face.

Maybe you’re not into wearing a leopard print dress, but a chic leopard clutch is an excellent way to inject a little fun into a simple look.

Add statement bag or shoes, or bold leather bracelets, unusual silhouettes. May your total black look be really interesting!


Nothing looks dowdier than an all-black outfit that is all cotton… Vary the fabrics and textures. Try mixing up an unexpected fabric like leather, suede or faux fur.


Voluminous tops with tight bottoms. Wide legs with snug blouses. The key to keeping things interesting with a monochromatic look often comes down to how you balance out the silhouette.

Be stylish, ladies!


Sunglasses for new Season

Sunglasses for new Season

Spring is finally here! Curious what type of sunglasses you should be investing in this year? We already discussed swimwear trends, now let`s talk about sunglasses! I would just say Colors and Shapes!  All kinds of shapes that are so iconic for the season, like cat eyes and rectangles, bold oversized proportions, bright, neon frames made of plastic, colored translucent shades. Honestly,  it was really hard to write this post, I wanted all of them when I went through online stores!


The star design element of the spring 2018 sunglasses is the cat eye frame. This shape is a mainstay in sunglasses design because it elongates the face beautifully. The face-flattering design is undoubtedly chic and easy to wear, whatever your face shape. This season we can see cat eyes in all manner of variations, along with some rounded and rectangular shapes, and the materials they were made of ran the gamut from plastic to metal to acetate. We can see other shapes and designs as well, with the most unique ones featuring interesting and unusual shapes, sci-fi vibes, or lots of appliques.

Large Cat Eye Frames. The oversized take on these glasses also has a retro flair that is always stylish (D&G, Bvlgari, Fendi, Thierry Lasry)


Rectangular Cat Eye Frames.  If you want to enjoy retro-classic eyeglass style, but aren’t quite ready for its extreme form, you can certainly rock the more rectangular option (Vogue, Haight, Dita Eyewear, Saint Laurent)


Extreme Cat Eye Frames. Some designers created cat eye frames that were a little more angled and sharp, which actually made them look sharper and more interesting. Like Prada`s Matrix-style, Louis Vuitton`s sporty and more retro.



As I said before main accents for this season`s sunglasses trends are shapes and colors. We see a lot of Heart-silhouette frames in different designers. Also bold oversized Butterfly sunglasses for glamorous, high fashion look. Hexagon-frames like Chloe’s Poppy sunglasses blend of 1970s styles in a slim shape for Resort 2018, or Karen Walker wide plastic Hexagon-frames. If you’re feeling futuristic (or retro-futuristic), you can opt for some Sci-Fi inspired spring 2018 sunglasses. These unique eyewear designs will make you look like you’re some kind of space fashion icon. Gucci retro-futuristic eyewear designs that cover the whole top half of the face, looking like some sort of robotic shield or personal screen.



Aviators are still in style! Modernized versions of this traditional style have become quite popular! Choose an oversized pair with colored lenses and even with a double bridge is a late ‘60s design element that does not look outdated now, or out of the wire over the bridge of the nose. (Dior, Cartier, Gucci, Chloe)



Sleek Flat Top Sunglasses that are perfect for creating a stand-out look. With a variety of Flat Top Aviator Sunglasses and Oversized designs, Flat Top Glasses are true statement makers (Ganni, Stella Mccartney)



Round frames are both classic and quirky and they make a fun fashion statement. As a cat eye, we can see round-shaped sunglasses in different variations.

Small Round Frames

The Beatles are forever, and so are the rounded popularized by John Lennon.

There were wire-frame sunglasses in all shapes and sizes at Miu Miu, Valentino, Givenchy, Le Specs)


Oversized Round Frames were also spotted all over the runway, in addition to the more angular and pointy designs. (Fendi, Dior, Chloe, Gucci)



It is not a primary trend, but the frames are part of the spring/ summer 2018 eyewear trends for anyone who likes to appear a little edgier (Gucci, Stella Mccartney, Fendi, Saint Laurent).



The arms of the glasses also get an accented unusual shape, it is a drop in the handles, between the frames and the ears which looks really unique (Fendi, Victoria Beckham)



Allow yourself to become part of the label. Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses came in the form of lenses shaped like D&G.  Christian Dior were just less extreme, with “J’ADIOR” on top of the frames.



If you like colors, mixed patterns, then the printed acetate frames some of the most creative designer’s trends should be your first choice. You can create very bright stylish looks (Versace, Gucci, Thierry Lasry, D&G).



Transparent frames for the spring/ summer 2018 sunglasses for all kinds of shapes. Versace showed both pastel blue and pink transparent frames, using the same colors for the lenses. Gucci’s offerings were the 80s` in vibrant colors, coming to add a retro vibe to our summer looks (Stella Mccartney, Valentino,



Rimless sunglasses look modern and futuristic, and they come in both colored lenses and transparent ones (Givenchy, Illesteva, Gucci, Retrosuperfuture).



In this Sunglasses, you don`t need to decorate yourself with anything else. Take a look at frames with pearls. In this case, it looks very modern and stylish (Valentino, Gucci).



They are very practical, you always can use them to check your make up! (Gucci, Freda Banana, Le Spec, Petrosuperfuture)



If you rock a more casual style, you’ll be happy to know that the spring/ summer 2018 eyewear trends have lots of options for you for more sporty sunglasses that will fit well (Stella Mccartney, Louis Vuitton)




Denim news 2018

For the most of us, denim is a big part of our wardrobes. We just add new styles to look more stylish and updated. There are tons of denim trends came in 2018. From anti-fit baggy jeans to embellished denim, straight leg fits cropped lengths and high waist styles. So, let`s get outfit inspiration, and start planning the jeans outfits we’ll be wearing in 2018.

Straight Leg Jeans

Dark wash straight leg jeans are hot for spring. Straight leg jeans are back for another fashion season. This year we’re seeing darker than last season’s washes hit the market in this fit. This is a great development since dark wash jeans are more versatile for wearing to work, and dressing up. Straight leg jeans will still be around in a lighter wash this spring, and are especially well suited for casual weekend wear.


Baggy Jeans

Baggy becomes the new skinny. Take the fashion lookback to the 90s with this spring’s baggy jeans trend. You’ll be seeing baggy jeans everywhere this year.

Details and Embellishment

Jeans with pearls? Sure! Why not? I love mine! Denim fashion right now is full of references to the 1990s, when embellished denim was a thing. Spring 2018 detailed denim trend done in chic style. Cropped boyfriend leg jeans are embellished with faux pearl details, for a super glamorous look.

The Denim Skirt

The denim skirt is back! If you’re proud of your legs, why not show them off this season in a trendy denim mini skirt. The long slit skirt is also very sexy without losing femininity.

Cropped Jeans

Wear a trench coat with cropped jeans this spring. Cropped length jeans are a fashion trend that has become a spring staple over the last couple of years. We’ll be seeing these jeans everywhere this spring fashion season.

High Waist Jeans

Mom jeans trend has been going strong for a few seasons now. High waist jeans are everything for spring fashion. Looking current in jeans this spring is all about the rise. The fashion-forward set will be favoring jeans with a high waisted fit that sits above the natural waistline, belted or unbelted, this style will be a popular fashion choice for the year ahead, whether you’re dressing for a casual weekend, denim-friendly days at work, or dressing up to go out. You can pair them with dad sneakers and a chunky knit, and you’ll achieve a very stylish look. Wear the high waist jeans trend to the office, belt your jeans over your favorite white blouse for work, then layer on a cute jacket or complete your outfit with stacked heel shoes and a great leather bag.

Denim Dress

We`re celebrating denim dress comeback! This spring, pull together an easy, trendy outfit by matching a denim dress with your fall boots or sneakers, and favorite leather bag.

Deconstructed Denim

If you look at this piece you could think that it`s undone or defective (misplaced buttons, inside out reverse jeans, raw hem, obscurely placed rips). Anyway, you`re going to confuse people and draw attention, so, complete your look with a minimal tee.

Asymmetrical Denim

Balenciaga and Vetements showed us their asymmetrical pieces, such as Pulled Asymmetric Denim Jacket, or Reworked High Waist Cropped Denim Jeans with cropped asymmetric hem. You can experiment with a denim jacket from your closet.  Just try switching up the buttons and you`re going to have a new trendy outfit.

Hem Embellishment

No more simple bottom! We can see a lot of fun decorations such as ruffles, fringe hems, feathers, frayed hemline, ultra-cuff details such as folded past the shin, or a contrasted, lighter wash roll, fluted style or even seashells like Tory Burch Mia Jeans.



Trendy Swimwear S/S 2018

After two Summer Sunny days in New York, we got a hope that there is a chance that Spring/Summer season will come… So, just in case let’s review swimwear trends. The summer 2018 swimwear trends strategically cover every possible aspect and personality.

Glamorous Shine 

The last couple of seasons have seen an ‘8os revival with the resurgence of high-octane glamour, glitter, and sequins. Turns out disco isn’t dead. With the swimsuits is the same. Sparkling sequin bikini is perfect for the poolside when you want to feel special. However, there is always tricky with anything reflective on a swimsuit can either be a great success or a glaring nightmare, but I’ve found perfect sequin pieces of the seasons at AnnaFoxyCanada. 

Color Block

I see a lot of my favorite color-blocking in a bikini or one piece with a simple cut. It is modern, updated, trendy, and will stand out in a sea of floral suits bikinis. And it’s insanely slimming.


Geometrical patterns, stripes, polka dots are in full bloom. One of the most seen patterns on the summer 2018 swimwear runways was stripes.




Belted swimsuits in different variations in one or two pieces.


Activewear Swimsuits

The recent Sportif movement came to swimwear also and it includes a lot of options such as sporty style bralettes, surfer gear or zip-up options.


Off-shoulder shapes aren’t going anywhere.

High-cut swimsuits are making a definitive comeback. This cut was primarily at its height in the ‘90s, but it’s becoming a swimwear trend of summer 2018.


Velvet Swimwear

Thinking of taking care of velvet fabric it could be absolutely impractical for a swimsuit with the sand and sun and salt, or chlorinated water; however, designers created velvet swimsuits for summer 2018 in every possible cut, style, and silhouette.


Long sleeve suits are really useful for those who want to avoid Sun

One-pieces are the headlining trend. We see it in high-cut silhouettes, frills, ruffles, girly details, one-shoulder and more sexy options are plunging necklines and strappy Monokinis.