Evening bags

A woman’s purse keeps all secrets, desires, and necessities. Ladies put wallets, phones, cosmetic bags and more in their bags. Looking inside such a thing, you can learn a lot about a girl. An evening bag is not just a necessary and convenient thing, it is also a fashionable accessory that can add a final unique touch to the image.
The age of an evening bag has been estimated for many centuries. Even in the Middle Ages, such things spoke of the rich status of their owners. They were sewn only from expensive fabrics: brocade or velvet. Usually, they were made small so that madam could put only a prayer book in it.

Did you know? Minaudière (pronounced min-oh-dee-air) is a French name for a small clutch purse that is often encrusted with precious gems or glass rhinestones. This style was invented and named by jewelers Van Cleef & Arpels in 1930. Now minaudière is a generic term referring to many types of small hard-bodied evening bags, hinged, and opens with a clasp. It is a classy bag, and a great statement piece.

When you choose your evening bag, don’t forget about the proportions: the larger your body is, the larger the bag you choose.

Check my findings below! Happy holidays, my stylish ladies!

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The Biggest Bag Trends of 2019

Any outfit needs the right handbag. If you want to look stylish you need stylish accessories. Handbag trends in 2018 are very varied. In addition to some old acquaintances in a new design, there are also many stylish novelties.

Micro-bags are going to be even more extreme than last year. You can attach micro bags to other handbags or clip several models together , or it it has long thin chain wear it like a necklace. If you did not get a chance to buy one for you, definitely, it will be more choices this following season.

Pouch belt bags like an alternative to a regular belt bag.

We still wearing 2 bags at the same time, it’s trendy and practical. You can take matching a small one and another in bigger size.

Plastic fashion went into overdrive. With the war against plastic and for using more sustainable materials, however, there are a lot of plastic pieces in SS 2019 collections. It might be time to let this one go very soon.

Different types of straw bags and macrame bags which  we were wearing already last summer.

Kitsch bags such as Mickey head from Gucci, parrot bag, champine bag etc.

Also box bags, bucket bags, bags with features decoration and feather decorations go to FW 19/20 season.

And I will show you some more pictures from runways. Please, do not take all trends and looks serious! If you do not like any look, you can take an idea or just go further and continue wearing your favorite basic bag. You can update it and decorate with a beautiful silk scarf by tying one onto the strap or wrapping it around the top handle of a satchel.

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New look to your old bag

Bag strap

We always in need of new bags! Agree? However, thanks to the trend which is staying with us for a few seasons already and not going to leave us, you don`t have to buy a new bag every time when you start feeling bored with your favorite basic bag.  Just upgrade your bag with a bag charm or a new colorful strap! It’s the easiest way to get a new bag without actually buying a whole new bag. Now you can match your bag to any outfit and personalize your look, just change a strap and voila! I seriously love how these accessories take a plain bag to a very stylish while providing fun detailing to any purse or bag. They add character and edge to any outfit in a subtle way, without taking center stage from the rest of your ensemble. This trend featured by many, many designers from my favorite Fendi to Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, it`s just a few of them. Rebecca Minkoff has a very good sale now. I`ll show you some pieces as an option to refresh your everyday handbag. You just need any bag with a removable strap or you can buy the original Rebecca Minkoff bag with additional straps that are designed to attach to any Rebecca Minkoff bag with the brand’s signature dog clip hardware. Guitar straps are a new, cool way to update your handbag! Just add a little Rock n Roll to your bag!

Shopping links: 1. Embroidery Guitar Strap. 2. Floral embroidery Guitar Strap. 3. Jewel Guitar Strap. 4. Fur Crossbody Strap with Chain. Red. 5. Floral Applique Guitar Strap. 6. Fur Crossbody Strap with Chain. Nude. 7. Fox Tail Bag Charm. 8. Fur Crossbody Strap with Chain. Bright Multi. 9. Midnighter Adjustable Guitar Strap. 10. Mirror Guitar Strap. 11. Floral Applique Guitar Strap. 

Some Fendi for inspiration

Buy here: 1. Strap Your Genuine. 2. Studded Guitar Strap. 3. Daisy Guitar Bag.

Beautiful Rebecca Minkoff bags spotted on sale

Shop here: 1. Circle Bag. 2. Small Saddle Bag. 3. Chevron Love. 4. Chevron Quilted Small.

Let`s get some inspiration! Be stylish!