Evening bags

A woman’s purse keeps all secrets, desires, and necessities. Ladies put wallets, phones, cosmetic bags and more in their bags. Looking inside such a thing, you can learn a lot about a girl. An evening bag is not just a necessary and convenient thing, it is also a fashionable accessory that can add a final unique touch to the image.
The age of an evening bag has been estimated for many centuries. Even in the Middle Ages, such things spoke of the rich status of their owners. They were sewn only from expensive fabrics: brocade or velvet. Usually, they were made small so that madam could put only a prayer book in it.

Did you know? Minaudière (pronounced min-oh-dee-air) is a French name for a small clutch purse that is often encrusted with precious gems or glass rhinestones. This style was invented and named by jewelers Van Cleef & Arpels in 1930. Now minaudière is a generic term referring to many types of small hard-bodied evening bags, hinged, and opens with a clasp. It is a classy bag, and a great statement piece.

When you choose your evening bag, don’t forget about the proportions: the larger your body is, the larger the bag you choose.

Check my findings below! Happy holidays, my stylish ladies!

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