Cozy Teddy Bear

The coat is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the name Max Mara. This wardrobe item in the brand line was from the very beginning, that is from 1951, when entrepreneur Achille Maramotti founded the brand, which, according to his idea, was supposed to fill a niche that was absent then in Europe. In 1981 a new model called 101801 became the real object of desire. Since then, not a single autumn-winter collection of a fashion house has been without cashmere 101801.

Cozy Teddy bear appeared in the brand line not so long ago, but in popularity it can compete with the legendary ancestor. The silhouette of the “teddy bear coat” is similar to 101801 – the same wide, with rounded shoulders, double-breasted. It is only sewn from camel fur on a silk lining, so its texture resembles the feel of a soft teddy bear. Teddy bear coat is both beige and saturated bright colors. Like 101801, this coat can be combined with almost everything.

Since then, a lot of brands created similar models in different price range.
Honestly, I am not a fan of teddy coat, and if you just digested that trend and thinking to buy one, I would better recommend to check sheepskin coat or jacket (real or faux). But if your decision is very strong and you are sure that you really need it and planning to wear it a lot, I found 50 coats in different colors which you can shop right here, just click on shoppable pictures below.
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