Total Black



All-black outfits are number one go-to for many people. They’re easy to put together. Black is an achromatic color is one that lacks hues such as white and grey. They have lightness but no hue or saturation.



Black matches all colors and shades! Some of you just don`t like colors, some just don`t know how to deal with matching them together.

But if you’re worried about looking a little boring (or like you’re on your way to a funeral), you need to spice up your monochromatic looks. When it comes to making an all-black outfit interesting, accessories are your best friends!




Forget about that black is flattering all of us and little black dress is a must-have for every girl! If I did not sleep well, tired or sick, I would never wear black close to my face to look ten years older and not fresh at all. And if you really believe in a theory of LBD, let it has big décolleté to be that black color far from your face.

Maybe you’re not into wearing a leopard print dress, but a chic leopard clutch is an excellent way to inject a little fun into a simple look.

Add statement bag or shoes, or bold leather bracelets, unusual silhouettes. May your total black look be really interesting!


Nothing looks dowdier than an all-black outfit that is all cotton… Vary the fabrics and textures. Try mixing up an unexpected fabric like leather, suede or faux fur.


Voluminous tops with tight bottoms. Wide legs with snug blouses. The key to keeping things interesting with a monochromatic look often comes down to how you balance out the silhouette.

Be stylish, ladies!


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