Sexy but Classy

The definition of “sexy” is: “having sexually appealing or interesting qualities.” And the definition of “classy” is: “having qualities that make someone or something special and attractive.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). The two words have very similar definitions. So while most people view sexy and classy as two very different qualities, it is very possible to be sexy but classy at the same time.

Depending on our mood, we dress to feel confident, pretty, powerful, etc. And we dress to feel sexy to seduce men or other women.

What is being sexy?

Being sexy is all about the suggestion of your body. It can be an oversized sweater that slides revealing a shoulder, a delicate ankle between the pants and the shoes, a smooth walk on high heels, perfect red lips on a bare face. It is about being yourself and loving your body. Sometimes we can see people who look sexy without even trying.  So dress the way you feel is the best way to be sexy.

If you wear fitted mini leopard dress, red lips, and platform high heels, definitely you are going to look very sexy and get a lot of attention; however, you have to think first if you need that kind of attention.

How to Be Sexy, Yet Classy? That is the question!

While it’s great to have your body confidence that doesn’t mean that you have to show it all for the world to see. Use your body and your curves, but not all at once anyway. The key to being sexy but still retaining your class is to only show one area at a time. If you want to show off your chest then go for it, but leave your legs and tummy covered up. Or, if you are proud of your belly and all the work you’ve put into keeping it slim and trim, then reveal some flesh, but wear something that doesn’t show off your other areas too much at the same time.

Everybody has their own answer to this question. I just want to give you some ideas.

  • Delicate fabrics like silk, cashmere, leather are very sensual.

The silk glides on your skin and moves like fluid water around you when you walk.

The cashmere caress your skin making your outfit be as soft as your own skin.

The leather becomes your second skin.

  • Defining your waistline is a great way to show off your figure, without showing any skin.
  •  The pencil skirt will define your waistline, the beauty of your curves and together with high heels will elongate your legs.
  • Wearing heels is always sexy!
  • If you wear fitted silhouette dresses let them be as simple as possible without extra decorations like lace, mesh, see-through, big décolleté or you have all chances to get a cheap look.
  • Conservative and sexy! Tuxedo jumpsuits and dresses look very hot.
  • Groom yourself. Nothing is more classy and sexy than someone who puts in the effort to maintain their appearance. Your skin, nails, hair, make-up…

Dressing up and dressing down to suit the occasion is a must and you need to establish what to wear to grab the right attention.

Being sexy is all about balance!

And wear your smile! It is always sexy!





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