It’s so much fun to mix prints!

The print is very popular lately. Every season we can see new designer’s ideas with prints! They mix it in different ways and sometimes it could look weird if you do not understand the idea how to do it.

A lot of people as I heard have a strong belief that is supposed to be just one print per look. However, I am sure that fashionistas will not agree with that statement. Mixing prints look very stylish! You can mix two or even three prints together.

Let`s discuss some basic principles how to mix different patterns!

Always look for a unifying color between the prints. As long as the prints have at least one color in common you are fine!



You can also mix different scales or sizes of prints (stripes, polka dots, gingham).


Mix different types of prints: stripes with dots, stripes with geometrics, and geometrics with florals (or botanics), stripes with botanics or florals, a leopard with stripes or florals etc.


Mix different texture patterns like silk and leather, chiffon and velvet could look very cool also!
And one more tip to follow while mixing your favorite prints which could help you: stay in the same color family (cold with cold, warm with warm). If you need help with identifying cold and warm colors, let me know!

So, and if you are brave enough and have some experience you can just break the rules; however, please, be careful don’t lose the harmony!

Good luck!



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