Spring/Summer 2018 Print Trends

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Let`s resume what we saw on the latest Runway shows and what we read about upcoming trends! I want to talk about prints! Definitely print makes your outfit brighter and more interesting. However, it could be very tricky also. I already posted about mixing prints and will do more. Don`t worry! It is not really hard! Enjoy colors and prints!

1. Stripes All Over
Stripes had a very big presence on the runways of every Fashion Week. They came from last year and here they go again. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, pinstripe; all different versions of stripes showed up on the runways, crossing trends and establishing stripes as a major spring/ summer 2018 print trend alone. And it is staying with us for Fall/Winter 2018. So we are going to have enough time to enjoy stripes.

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2. Vertical Candy Stripes
Candy stripes made a strong appearance in a trendsetting manner, so they were separated from all other stripes thanks to the signature pink color that was changed around and edited for different looks on different runways. This spring/ summer 2018 print trend

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3. Logomania
Logos highlight or accentuate the outfits perfectly. Fendi, Balenciaga, Versace, and Gucci have used their logos all over and the upcoming spring 2018 print trend will feature them as well. And we can see this print in mass market everywhere.

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4. Checks
Carried over from the cooler months, checks, tartans, and plaids were the top print trend from last fall, re-emerged in amazing fashions for the spring/ summer 2018 print trends. Plaids can be worn and incorporated into nearly any preferred style as the main eye-catching feature or supporting interest piece.

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5. Soft Floral Prints
Soft florals are very different from the spring/ summer 2018 print trends on this list. They are romantic, floating and printed on floaty materials to emphasize the romantic and airy appeal of their softness.

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6. ‘60s Florals
The difference with ‘60s florals over other floral prints for spring 2018 is the shape, size, and colors used for the florals. The ‘60s had very distinct fashion notes that do not always carry through to other genres without losing their ‘60s signature. Certain flower shapes, hues of orange and more make the difference between those other floral prints and ‘60s floral prints. Take a look at Marc Jacobs, Marni, and Miu Miu collections.

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7. Micro Florals
Micro florals are the petit and sweet spring 2018 prints designed for more feminine and fresh springtime wear. The micro-floral print has been shown on sheer and semi-sheer clothing.

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Please, be careful with florals styling! Add stylish accessories! Or you have all chances to add few years to your real age!

8. Slogan Prints
For the last few years, the statement tops have been becoming more popular worldwide and have officially hit trend status, showing up not just on T-shirts, but also sweaters and accessories. Moschino has done this for a while, definitely contributing to building on the status of this trend.

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9. Black and White Polka Dots
Polka dots have a long and noted history in fashion, and here we have them making a resurgence in soft pastels, yes, but strikingly in bold black and white monochrome. Polka dots were on multiple runways, big and bold on the Junya Watanabe runway, and mixed between micro-polka dots and medium ones on Jason Wu’s.

If you are a fan of polka dots, this is the spring 2018 print trend that you can wear and carry tastefully!

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10. Rainbow Patterns
The multicolored rainbow print trend actually dabbles in other spring 2018 print trends, like stripes, slogans, and polka dots, but the prevalence of at least 5 colors is the look that automatically qualifies it. This upcoming spring will certainly be more of the fun color range than the previous year that was focused on a particular shade of pink.

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11. Animal Patterns
Animal prints are never completely out of fashion, but the updated prints coming down the runway of many of the shows were cleverly spaced to create and enforce a flattering figure. There was everything from cow patters to snakeskin prints.

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12. Cartoon Prints
Cartoon prints are not a new concept in any way, but their return definitely came as a new interpretation. A highlight of Milan Fashion Week was the Prada spring 2018 collection, which featured cartoons of the ‘30s and ‘60s female megastars. That is a bit of an understatement, to put it more accurately – Prada elevated comic pages into the style for the chicest version of geek chic yet.

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13. Mixed Bouquet
This spring 2018 print trend showed up as a combination and makeover of springtime typical prints (mostly florals). These pieces feel like they are not for people with limited imaginations at all.

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14. Tropical Prints
For everyone who is looking to step up their floral fashion game, tropical prints are very big this year. They hit the NYFW runways as a fresh take on the ‘growth and freshness’ of spring and summer. The expected hibiscus flowers and palm leaves have really taken over much more than anyone anticipated.

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16. Bold Abstract Prints
Art and abstract motifs almost always go hand in hand, and so do they when it comes to the spring/ summer 2018 print trends.

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17. Pop Culture Prints
Pop culture prints and patterns can change a simple piece of clothing, making it look cooler especially for the current millennial generation.

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