Just one drop of leopard

Leopard is always-controversial print and it has a history. Leopard fur coats are all the rage in the 1920s. By the 1940s, leopard spots get bolder and show up on evening-wear. It’s always been a staple of glam early-Hollywood starlets like Ava Gardner, Jayne Mansfield, and later, Barbra Streisand. British style star of the ’80s and top novelist Jackie Collins once proclaimed, “My weakness is wearing too much leopard print”.
When we deal with the animal print we have a risk to fall under the general heading of double standards. You can look either very stylish or like a “naughty” girl. Worn by everyone from royalty to rock stars, leopard print has been both valued as luxurious and sophisticated and dismissed as kitschy and trashy.
Objectively, leopard print is a lovely pattern. It is especially lovely on leopards and when reprinted on fake fur or cotton, very nice on humans.
Christian Dior: “If you are fair and sweet, don’t wear it.”
The pattern has gone from high-fashion to low-class and back again over the years.
On Planet Fashion, leopard print is so beloved, and has been for so long, that it’s becoming “timeless neutral!”
And I guess that the most burning question is:
“How to Wear Leopard Print?” 
If you are not a street styler, trendsetter or a model on a Runway, please, be careful! Do not just “copy and paste!”
Think first! 
The key to pulling it off? Balance. The most common mistake is excessiveness! Wearing a leopard suit, shoes, and bag you are going to look like a cat woman!  Probably, it`s not a bad idea as a surprise for Valentine`s Day  But not for going outside!
There’s something kind of magical about leopard print—whether it’s worn in the form of a statement jacket or simply as an accessory to pump things up, it easily makes any outfit have more flair. Sure, it’s a bold pattern, but when worn with an all-black ensemble or as a mini bag with a monochromatic look, it’s very wearable. Pairing a luxe faux fur with a pair of simple skinny jeans and turtleneck or a super-sized leopard tote with a monochromatic dress makes the trend approachable.
If you know how to mix colors you can wear it with any of them: cool or warm, dark or light, clear or muted. If you are brave enough and like mixing prints leopard print is not an exception! You can mix it with stripes or flowers, it looks good with gingham print also! But you have to remember! Keep your style more simple, mix it with basic pieces in straight loose instead of a fitted silhouette.
Animal print in different colors also looks very interesting! We saw a lot of variations on the latest fashion runway shows.
And one more thing! Quality! Jungle-inspired pieces do not have to look cheap!

By Yana Echko

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