Do we need a color analysis?


Do you want to know your color type? I am sure that most of you will answer positively! I was very excited about color seasons also! I had a color analysis done for myself 3 times!!! And the funniest thing (it’s not really funny) every time I had different results! After new professional analysis, I came home and started to clean and renew my wardrobe according to my “new” color season … It would be funny if it weren’t so sad…

I could not understand why I have to wear this green till the end of my life and can’t wear that if I don`t look bad in that and like it. Just because it’s not “my color” and it’s from different season`s palette. And yellow!!! Oh, Boy! My yellow does not exist!!! #facehand How I supposed to live with all this tragical information???!!! Yes, I am clear winter! Sure! I am from Siberia!  Do you want to know how this knowledge will make your life easier? Hard to say… I love colors! I like different color combinations! It is very interesting! And all kind of limitations here are uninspired! I am for color freedom! I want to wear different greens and (NO!NO!) yellow not just in the form of shoes far from my face.

However, sometimes it’s scarier when we allowed doing whatever we want and we want those limitations back again. Sure! When you don’t have a knowledge and you have so much freedom anyway you suffer or at least don’t have anything to wear 

What if you do not look like any color season? Yes, you need very good image consultant to make your personal color palette from different seasons! Or … just forget about this and enjoy colors (shh… I didn’t say that). Why do we need rules if every second person is an exception?

There are two main theories: Seasonal and the most widely accepted system now is the Munsell color system. The theory behind his system is that all colors have one dominant characteristic and one or two secondaries. Colors have three color dimensions: hue (undertone), value (lightness), and chroma (color purity).

You can do whatever is more comfortable for you! But remember! Your color type never changes even if you dye your hair or just came from your Mexico vacation!

However, I think that is much more interesting to educate yourself on how to wear colors rather than what color to wear!

And if you`re tired and didn’t sleep well red lipstick makes magic! 

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